Creative Construction is an instructional book/play-along CD package that helps drummers learn to write original drum parts that connect well with other musicians. Each of the eight chapters guides you through a different song, with musical examples, tips and a basic chart to use while playing along. The book offers unique lessons in skills that every drummer should learn in writing music.

The process is designed to spark ideas and creativity. Rhythmic transcriptions are included, taken from various instruments such as guitar, keys etc. These are then followed with several drum set ideas of how this other instrumental part can be interpreted. The drumming examples/suggestions begin simply and grow in complexity to offer challenges in varying skill levels. Each chapter concludes with a simple chart explaining the song in a shorthand descriptive notation. This type of chart writing is then supplemented with your own parts that you have come up with, which can be notated in the extra staves provided.

The primary audience for this book is a beginning-intermediate drummer who is trying to find an approach to writing their parts. Creative Construction is ideal for the relative beginner who wants to play in bands. The concepts covered will assist in the transition from “home practice” to “band practice”. For the more experienced player, the book may reveal many new concepts for consideration as well.

The book includes:

  • CD / MP3 audio consisting of 8 original songs. Each song is presented both with and without drums. (16 tracks total)
  • Tips on playing fills and how to come up with variations of your own.
  • Introduction to odd time signatures (5/4, 6/8 and 3/4)
  • Ideas on song form, arrangement and using simple charts
  • Concepts in listening and musical interpretation
  • A method for writing your own original drum parts that connect well with other musicians