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CD Track listing

“with drums” versions:

Cinco Patos
Swinging Shovels
A Strange Time
Keiki Died Blues
Decisions Decisions
Dynamite Safety
Mule Tea
CD Track listing

“without drums” versions:

Cinco Patos (no drums)
Swinging Shovels (no drums)
A Strange Time (no drums)
Keiki Died Blues (no drums)
Decisions Decisions (no drums)
Dynamite Safety (no drums)
Mule Tea (no drums)
Anticipation (no drums)

The Play-Along Tracks

Each of the play-along tracks has a certain task or challenge for you to work on. There are two different versions of each song to use, one with a guide drum track and one without. You can choose whichever version meets your needs or ability. The tracks that contain a skeleton of a drum part will be easier to follow but might not allow you enough freedom to create your own unique part. I have included a few downbeats on the “1” and the snare backbeats on “2” and “4” to help orient the way the measures were intended to lay out.

Please note that the drums that are found in these recorded songs are not the actual drum parts you are intended to learn but rather simply a guide for time orientation. As you become more comfortable try the versions without the drums so you can really try to follow the music on your own. Have patience, it can be a little tricky at first. Each song has a voice counting in the beginning of the song so you can get oriented with the tempo and where to begin playing. In the version “with drums“, the counts sometimes indicate where to change between sections as well.

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