“Chris’s book is a fantastic tool for any drummer looking to grow in their capacity to deliver creative drum parts. I wish this book was available when I was starting out in bands. Now, thanks to Chris and his valuable instruction, any drummer can benefit from his knowledge and experience. Thanks Chris!”
– Zach Lind (Jimmy Eat World)

“Chris clearly lays out how to learn songs and make up parts in book (and audio) form. I can see how this book would be helpful to anyone who really wants to “play”. It jumps you right in, and all you gotta do is listen and go. That’s not only fun, but my experience says thats the best way to learn; listen and go…”
– Joe Plummer (Cold War Kids, The Shins, Modest Mouse)

“Chris Prescott is someone who knows how to put together interesting, creative, and unique drum parts….I’ve been watching him do it for 20 years! As an obvious standout from the huge talent pool of San Diego musicians he has always been able to make something that could be boring or standard…not! For him to put his methods into words is a gift to any and all drummers looking to create original parts for songs. Nice work!”
– Atom Willard (Angels and Airwaves, Social Distortion, The Offspring, Against Me!)

“I like Chris’s method. It reminds me when I was a kid. I used to pop on headphones to play drums to my favorite records to learn all the drum beats. Plenty of cool time signatures and good information to make this book a fun way to learn!”
– Chad Channing (Nirvana)

Creative Construction is packed with good information. There is a great diversity in the topics, ranging from dynamics to song interpretation. It’s a real-world approach to composing drum parts. Things that most experienced drummers may take for granted are clearly laid out to help younger players. Chris explains how to listen and make good musical choices. I really like this method!”
– D.J. Bonebrake (X, the Knitters)

“Chris’s book is a great tool for inspiring creativity out of any drummer.”
– Scott McPherson (Beck, Bright Eyes, Elliott Smith, She and Him, M Ward)

“Chris’s book is very thorough and impressive. This is worth taking the time to check it out. I endorse this teaching method. Great job.”
– Bill Berg (Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke)

“Chris Prescott has been playing drums very well for a very long time. He also is a multi-instrumentalist and a great songwriter. These things combine to make him a great contributor to “the song”. Chris’ new book is a way for the new to get into drums from a fresh & creative perspective. He looks at drum parts in a way that incorporates the song, which is of course a key element of drumming. I would highly recommend this book to any stickmen, young or old.”
– Mario Rubalcaba (OFF!, Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes)

“With Chris’ method, a player’s ideas can free up, adding a wider dynamic range.”
– Gregg Keplinger (Master drum builder)

“Nice work on the book! It reads easy, and seems like it would make learning drums fun. It’s an easy and fun read that’s packed with great stuff for drummers of all levels. One could really improve if they spent some time on just one section of the book!”
-Chris Metcalf (The Life and Times)

“Chris has created an excellent resource which fills a void in currently available instruction books. While there are many books that deal with independence and “beats”, no one before has addressed one vital topic: How to create unique and interesting drum parts that compliment a song in the contemporary music genre. Chris has taken his skills, (developed over years as a drummer with a number of popular bands) and has come up with a clear and well thought out guide that addressed a subject too long ignored. Good job, Chris!”
-Duncan Moore (Kenny Burrell, Ray Brown, Peter Sprague)

“After learning the basics of drumming I felt a little lost on making the jump to playing with a band. The concepts in Creative Construction really helped fill the void for me. The sections on simple chart writing/reading was an invaluable insight that I’ll use for years to come. Thanks!”
– Frank D.

“Using Chris Prescott’s book is a very unique and fun way to learn drums. I wish I had this when I was starting out! I have never seen such a clear explanation of this approach to writing drum parts.”
– Steve C.

“I have books and books of rudiments and traditional techniques. This is coming from a whole different place. Chris’s book is the logical next step in sparking creative part writing. It’s a great accomplishment.”
– Alex L.

“As a teacher for years I’ve often been at a loss as how to put into words the individual creative approach. Creative Construction has helped me illustrate these ideas to my students and they have clearly benefited from its method.”
– Dave S.